Key Areas of Expertise

Below are just some of our key operational areas


From Site Management to Quantity Surveying, and all other key professional, technical and management staff.


Providing project controls specialists, covering capital projects and business change within Pharmaceutical and Food to name a few.


Engineering covers a wide variety of industries, fortunately we cover most professional staff, from Civil Engineering to Mechanical & Electrical

 What Makes Your Business?

What Makes Your Business?

One of the most important parts of any business is its people.

Every company relies on its talented staff to thrive and to add to their teams, but most companies don’t have the time to spend looking for the right people because there are so many other pressures in todays busy world.

Lime Partnership specialises in finding those people for you.

We aim to be a trusted and valued addition to your business, we want to get to know you, what is special about your company and who fits you, not just who can do the job for you.

Our rigorous candidate interview process involves conducting a full career overview in order to fully qualify their skills and ability along with their reasons for wanting to find a new role.

By doing this we really get to know our candidates and our extensive experience helps us find the right people for the right role. We understand that no person or role is “one size fits all” so we go the extra mile to ensure both a skill and personality fit.

Who We Are

Lime Partnership is not a large company and we’re not going to hide that, however what we lack in size we make up for in experience and skill. With more than 25 years experience recruiting professional staff across many business sectors you can be assured that the candidates we present to you are vetted and skill checked to meet your requirements not just CV's for you to review.
Paul Wells - Director
Paul Wells - Director
More than 25 years Recruitment experience, Keen Motorcyclist & Mountain Seeker


Lime Partnership aims to be your recruiter of choice with all the professional values you would expect from your solicitor or accountant. We value relationships with both our clients and candidates and truly understand the importance of communication. Because we take the time to understand people our ability to convert your vacancies into placements is extremely high and equally our candidates are much more informed about the roles they see and are more likely to accept positions because they “feel right”. The most common complaints we hear from candidates is that they are put forward for roles by agencies and never hear from them again and clients often say that the candidates that are put forward have no idea about their company or lack the skills to do the role. Lime Partnership aims to change that and always ensure that everyone is kept informed throughout the process and that the people put forward for roles have been thoroughly vetted and understand not just the business but the culture of the company they are seeing.

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