The Changing Face of Construction and the growth of Drone Technology

There are many things that change over the years, some that make a difference and many that don’t. Health and Safety is on everyone’s radar so any advances that can reduce the numbers of injury or death on projects has got to be great for our industry.

One of the most significant changes I’ve seen in the construction industry over the last few years is the increasing use of drone technology which has become a real interest to me.

There appears to be a seemingly endless number of tasks that can be undertaken using Drone technology that save time, money and ultimately could save lives because it’s taking away potentially hazardous tasks like working at height.

Technology has marched on so fast that it’s now possible to fly a drone over a project taking high resolution photography which can, using photogrammetry, be turned into full colour 3D models and data that can be manipulated and used for design and measurement. The actual photography is so good that minute inspections can be carried out for any signs of faults without the need for anyone to leave the ground.

As a service to clients they can see real time progress and using the modelling on a monthly update they can see how their project has progressed, of course this also helps the consultants and contractors with clear evidence of completed works as well, reducing the need for lengthy and costly negotiations and litigation.

Lime Partnership have chosen to work alongside Panodrone who are specialists in deploying drones within the construction industry, they are unique in that they are all experts in the construction industry first and the drone industry is the next evolutionary step in developing the very best services for the construction industry.

If you would like further information please visit our partner’s website or call us for an informal discussion about how Drone Technology could change your working practices in the future.

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