Finding a needle in the haystack

Lime Partnership have enjoyed one of our most successful quarters having helped a number of clients secure high quality professionals for both permanent and contract positions.

Lots of what we do is confidential due to the level of individuals we work with and the sensitive nature of some appointments. We specialise in finding the “hard to find” candidates for companies and have had great success both within our traditional construction and engineering markets and more recently assisting a new company outside our normal field of operation to find the right individual after many months of their existing suppliers being unable to come up with people.

We were tasked with finding a high level marketing individual to assist a global business to further develop their existing client base and to help build the brand further across EMEA & Asia Pacific regions, so someone with global experience in a fairly specific field was essential.

We performed a thorough search of the marketplace initially identifying approximately 100 individuals in roughly the right geographical area and with some skills that matched, we rapidly narrowed this to less than 50 based on location, then more detailed industry knowledge and overall skill set. We then conducted initial telephone screening interviews to understand the individuals for both skill and personality fit, finally ending up with a shortlist of just three people whom we felt were strong enough to be considered and presented these to the client.

The client was delighted having seen nobody for more than 3 months we were able to give them three excellent options all of whom they interviewed as they were so strong. Following several UK and overseas interviews they settled on one individual who they have now appointed and is already making a difference to the business.

This was just one of the opportunities we were fortunate enough to work on in the last quarter and we are looking forward to the second half of this year which started well but has now slowed down due to the holiday season as usual.

So if you are seeking a new Professional, Technical or Managerial member of staff for either a contract or permanent position please let us know and we’ll do our very best to find your “needle in the haystack”

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