As the sun rises on another new year we’ve been looking at what areas of business have continued to grow through the somewhat difficult 2017 post Brexit decisions and where things have shown a slowdown.

We’ve seen continued growth in residential development in both the private and LA/HA arenas and we are still actively seeking Quantity Surveyors and Site Managers at all levels across the M4/Thames Valley region to fulfill ongoing roles with developers, contractors & consultancy clients.

We saw a marked drop off in commercial investment by the large manufacturing businesses and this would point toward them preparing for post Brexit Britain while they try to understand the ramifications of dealing with Europe and beyond from a base in the UK. But we’re confident that as this progresses these areas of business will bounce back and their continued investment in capital projects here will continue.

Commercial construction seems to be holding its own, we are still active in both new build and fit out markets so we’re confident that this will continue and although growth may not be as strong as it has been in recent years there is also no significant drop off either.

Civil engineering and infrastructure projects are still exceptionally busy and seem to be sucking in an increased amount of the workforce so we see no drop off in this for 2018 which is good news.

As a whole we are seeing much more of a move away from contract to more staff positions, particularly in Quantity Surveying and Planning roles. It would appear that most businesses are preferring to build stable teams to give clients continuity on longer projects and ensure stability for the business in the future.

We are finding that most companies growth is being hindered by a lack of high-quality staff available for new roles, so as always this is a loosely veiled request that if you are considering a new opportunity in 2018 then we would be delighted to talk to you and discuss options. Equally if you are a business seeking new staff please let us know.

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