2019 The Story So Far

A recruiters view on the year so far

Well 2019 has proved to be a testing year in recruitment so far which appears to be hindered by the procrastination over Brexit.

While some areas of the industry seem to remain strong and trading is good, there are many parts of our industry affected by the uncertainty in what the country will be doing in the next few years and whether we will be able to continue to trade openly with our European partners. This has shown an affect with our manufacturing clients holding expansion and renovation on their plants until they are sure they can continue to trade, the knock-on effect of this has meant there are fewer commercial projects in this arena. The residential markets have slowed but are still fairly strong in certain areas and fitout and refurbishment ticks along but with fewer companies investing in their long-term UK presence it would seem that there are fewer opportunities here also.

Some very well know industry names have suffered this year and we hope that those going through restructure will successfully come out the other side of this as stronger more focused companies who can continue to build and thrive.

From a recruitment perspective this has meant there are still great opportunities out there and now we are seeing a few more candidates in the marketplace there is a better choice for companies seeking to bolster their staff numbers. As with any post boom market the cream is gradually floating to the surface again so it’s a good time to think about your staffing and who benefits the business most.

The prediction for 2020 is sketchy currently but with the many years of experience in the industry I feel next year will see a fairly flat growth potentially picking up toward the end of the 2nd quarter as we all get used to whatever comes out of the negotiations with Europe. I hope that this signals the end of the uncertainty and we can all get back to trading as normal.

If you’ve taken the time to read this I thank you and if you would like any advice on staffing requirements or assistance in finding the right people please contact me.

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