Race to recruit for 2022 starts now

With the new year rapidly approaching thoughts are turning to the workload for next year and planning the resources needed to deliver on targets.

The last two years have been difficult with the pandemic causing all sorts of issues within the supply chain, client engagement and ultimately staff shortages across most professions within our industry. Contractors and consultants have seen significant issues in recruiting the right personnel throughout 2021 and this is set to continue well into 2022 and beyond.

Our industry is exceptionally resilient and continues to adapt to “the new way of working” but the one thing that’s continually happened throughout my 30 years of recruiting is that after a significant downturn the up-tick in work starts all over again and many companies will find themselves left behind if they do not react now to the demand that’s anticipated with the injection of public spending and the continued growth across almost every area of the industry.

Typically, it’s taking two to three months plus to recruit the right people with more companies having stronger contract constraints and longer notice periods to protect the business.

So, what to do? Well firstly it’s drawing up a plan of what you think you’re going to need in 2022 and take a good look at the staff who already work for you, are they happy? Could you do anything else to improve their commitment to the business?  Are there any skills you could add to your staff to achieve your plan for 2022, Who else do you need to find and at what point are you likely to need them next year and what are the likely timescales to onboard someone.

Early engagement with your recruiter or recruitment team is essential because they should know what the market is like currently and be able to put together a plan to find you the very best talent to fill the gaps you have. There is no point getting to four weeks out then trying to push things through as quickly as possible, you will be left with “what’s on the shelf” rather than having the pick of the crop.

So at the title suggests your race to find the best talent for 2022 starts now, don’t be caught napping and put together your plan of action now with your best guess of who and what you might need to achieve your goals for the new year.

About Paul Wells

Paul established Lime Partnership in 2009 and has worked as a professional recruiter of high level commercial, management and technical staff for 30 years mainly in the Construction & Engineering industry but with deviations into other business streams including manufacturing business re-alignment, programme management, IT and commercial recruitment.

Paul identifies the actual business need rather than the job title and head hunts candidates who fit both the requirement but more importantly the ethics and ethos of the business so you have a better fit with individual.

Due to the length of time spent recruiting in this industry he’s able to truly understand the skills and what candidates want from a role and is often told “it’s refreshing to talk to someone who actually knows about the business rather than someone who has just spotted a word in the CV”

So if you have a plan to recruit now or in 2022 please call Lime Partnership on 0118 467 1000 and we’ll put together a plan of action to help you achieve your goals.

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